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What is the EAPTECH Project?

The goal of our project “Examining Language Teaching Technology Use in Post-Secondary English for Academic Purpose (EAP) Programs” is to examine, document and share the largely unknown ways technology is being used in post-secondary EAP programs. This project will improve understanding of technology-mediated practices in English language teaching, program design and research, given the needs of increasing numbers of international students in North American post-secondary programs requiring academic English language skills.

The purpose of the study is to explore the rapidly evolving technologies being used in EAP programs to identify program successes, limitations and emerging areas in need of further research.

There are three stages in this research. In the first stage we are surveying EAP teachers and administrators using a 10-minute online survey in post-secondary institutions across North America.  Using the data analyzed from this survey research we will approach a number of institutions to conduct more in-depth site research.  In the second stage we will be visiting a number of institutions across North America interviewing ESL teachers, administrators, students and if possible observing one or two classes in each site.

The third stage of this research is establishing a network of individuals interested in participating in a community of practice to explore technology-mediated approaches and areas of future research in EAP programs.

If you would like to participate in any stage of this research or have any questions please contact Dr. Geoff Lawrence at

We hope this research will inform curriculum designers, teachers, administrators and students about the trends in technology-mediated EAP programs, informing innovation, curriculum development, teaching and research.